When Ecotherm took over a Chambéry-based SME that had gone into receivership, it undertook not only to retain all the company's staff, but also to provide a solution for customers whose orders had not been honored despite their deposits.

Ecotherm, the leading joiner in Haute-Savoie, is expanding into Savoie in a way that is, to say the least, chivalrous. Based in Allonzier-la-Caille, this specialist in windows, doors and shutters didn't just take over Isotec's premises and business... It also chose to honor the work of nearly 70 customers who had paid a deposit but never saw the job done!

With the acquisition of Isotec, Ecotherm remains true to its spirit of carpentry, but also stands out for its generosity. It has set up a special unit to contact each customer and provide them with a personalized solution. Given the complexity of the current economic situation, this is a particularly laudable intention!

Of course, it didn't escape Ecotherm managers Alexandre Luneau and Bertrand Duprez that Isotec also installs Finstral windows.

This was the motivation behind the company's takeover, with the management's ambition to develop this top-of-the-range brand. For over 40 years, Ecotherm has built its reputation on a string of excellent projects using Finstral joinery. Renowned for the quality of its products, Finstral perfectly combines design, high technology and aesthetics.

After acquiring Ecotherm in July 2021, Alexandre Luneau and Bertrand Duprez are continuing to develop their company, drawing on the Finstral expertise of its technical teams, but also on their know-how as craftsmen and the responsiveness of its customer service. After renovating and enlarging the Douvaine branch, they have decided to set up new branches in the Savoy region.

With this third branch in Chambéry, Alexandre Luneau and Bertrand Duprez are elegantly reinforcing Ecotherm's premium positioning. They look forward to further growth in 2023, and to continuing the recruitment campaign launched in October 2021. By becoming the 2nd Finstral distributor in France, Ecotherm has not finished extending its expertise in a territory in search of very high energy performance joinery!