Protection for indoors and outdoors

If you'd like to dress your windows inside or out, our advisors can offer you comprehensive support to help you define your project. Ecotherm offers a wide range of solutions to protect you from the sun, prying eyes or insects. From brise-soleils to awnings, Venetian blinds and mosquito nets, discover our products and services tailored to your needs!

Patio awning Annecy

Awnings, terrace awnings par excellence

If there's one accessory you can't do without when the sun comes out, it's an awning! This solution is ideal for protecting you from the heat and UV rays, so you can enjoy your garden or terrace to the full. Fitted with articulated arms, it's made of a strong fabric that unfolds and tightens as needed to create a cool, shaded space. Waterproof, it also protects you from the elements. Available in a wide range of colors, patterns and materials, all you have to do is personalize it to add style to your exterior.

Adjustable brise-soleil, visual comfort and solar protection

Similar to Venetian blinds, brise-soleils with adjustable slats let you subtly modulate sunlight. Placed on the outside of your windows and bay windows, they have the advantage of providing a barrier against the heat, by dosing the light: the lower slats push the light outwards, while those at the top reflect the light towards the ceiling, naturally illuminating the room without dazzling you.

Thanks to this system, you can limit the amount of light you let in to suit your moods: subdued light for siestas, brighter light when you're dining, and so on. Made of aluminum slats, BSOs add an elegant designer touch to your façade.

New, discover the BSO renovation: even old houses can benefit from a touch of modernity!

Sun blinds Annecy
Mosquito net Annecy

Insect screens for windows and bay windows

If you want to live with your windows open, there's nothing better than mosquito nets! They let you enjoy the cool of the night without the nuisance of mosquitoes and other flying pests as soon as you switch on the light. Thanks to mosquito nets, you no longer need to use insecticide! It's an economical and ecological way of dealing with insect invasion, but also with allergens in the home (like pollen, for example).