High-quality roller shutters: efficiency and safety

To regulate light, protect your privacy and improve the insulation of your windows, Ecotherm offers a range of monobloc or traditional roller shutters. Whether your home is new or renovated, this solution integrates perfectly with all architectural styles, offering numerous advantages: easy to install and maintain, they can be operated without having to open the windows. Not only are they extremely practical, they also effectively limit energy loss.

Available in a range of slat and color options, our roller shutters adapt elegantly to all facade styles, satisfying every taste. For your security, they can be fitted with an automatic or burglar-resistant locking system, to prevent them from being opened by lifting or tearing.

Our roller shutters combine design, a variety of colors, safety and insulation.

Roller shutters Annecy
Roller shutters Annecy

Renovation roller shutters, discreet and practical

Adaptable to all facade styles, the monoblock roller shutter is ideal for renovation.

Integrated into an aluminum box on the outside, this type of shutter is discreet and easy to use. It has many other advantages: it can be fitted with a mosquito screen or blind for added comfort: choose a different option for each room!

To motorize it in an environmentally-friendly way, you can combine it with a photovoltaic panel, which also eliminates the need for electrical connections. It can also be fitted with an alarm to delay break-in attempts.

Traditional roller shutter, invisible and efficient

The traditional roller shutter is suitable for both new construction and replacement of existing shutters.

A solution for every situation: masonry-integrated box, wooden box...

In all cases, it is invisible and guarantees perfect thermal insulation.